Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Women in Circuit Bending

And don’t forget! We have two more workshops this year, one is next week!

Tues, Dec 1st, 5:30pm NEXT WEEK
Cynthia Simien teaches Women In Music

Wed, Dec 9th, 5:30
David Webber teaches Circuit Bending 101

Tues, Dec 1st, 5:30pm NEXT WEEK
Cynthia Simien teaches Women In Music

Time Magazine and Maria Shriver recently conducted an extensive study about the State of the American Woman and determined that for the first time in our history women make up the majority of the work force in this country. Learn about the opportunities the music industry holds for women, why women are generally good in business and how we are unique in our approach that makes us an asset to the music industry.

Cynthia Simien’s accomplishments are impressive to say the least, but here’s a go at at: An agent, manager, booker, event promoter and publicist for music events and artists, Cynthia has established several music businesses. She has been on Grammy boards since 04 and in April
2007 was elected National Trustee by The Recording Academy (Grammys) and reelected in 2009 for a second consecutive term. She is the first from Louisiana to hold this position and the first female Trustee elected by our Memphis Chapter since it was established 35 years ago. Cynthia is one of 11 women out of a total of 41 National Recording Academy Trustees
and was instrumental in creating the Cajun/Zydeco Grammy category. In
2007 she was appointed by Governor Kathleen Blanco to be on the newly formed Louisiana Music Commission and reappointed again by Governor Jindal.

Wed, Dec 9th, 5:30
David Webber teaches Circuit Bending 101: The Art of the Creative Short Circuit

This circuit bending presentation will consist of a lecture and then a live circuit bending demonstration. No prior knowledge or experience necessary. If you are interested in this, I really think you should come. Here’s the wikipedia entry for those really curious, but the idea is that you alter the circuits of electronic devices, like a kid’s toy, to create new, interesting sounds. It’s pretty nerdy and experimental, but reallllly cool. Check out David’s art, too. Also, David says that if it goes well enough he wants to do a follow up class of just hands on circuit bending. So show him you care!

David Webber is an Assistant Professor of Media Art at University of Louisiana at Lafayette and is builder of electronic musical instruments.

And It's Been One Year.

Friends, musicians, artists, parents, wives, sons….

Today marks one year that the Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op has been open in Lafayette, and I would like to say a personal THANK YOU to all of you who have made it a really amazing year. We have exceeded all expectations, and with over 200 members, your gracious donations, unspeakably giving volunteers, and the general community spirit of our community, it is no wonder.

With that, of course, I have to say that we need your continued support to keep providing these much needed resources. Please consider choosing us when thinking about who to give your tax deductible (501c3) donations to this holiday season whether it be as a gift to your family or in the name of your love for local arts & music. If you would like to give us physical gifts, please contact me and I can rattle off a whole slew of things that would enhance the Co-Op, from headphone splitters to sound proofing materials to mac computers.

Again, THANK YOU to you, our gracious, loving community for all of your support.

Come by sometime and let me tell you in person!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lighting for Film Encore!

On Tuesday, Nov 17th, 5:30-7 ALLISON BOHL is doing her in-demand “Lighting for Film with what you can buy at your local hardware store”

So many of you missed it and pleaded for an encore, I forgot to film it, everyone who went loved it, so what the heck, it’s here again! Come out and listen to Allison’s thoughts and ideas and realities and experiences about lighting on a low budget. I won’t give away her secrets now, but it’s a cool class to take, and can apply to photography as well. For those who haven't seen her Reel yet, check it out below!

We only have a few classes left in the rest of the year 'cause I know everyone's calendars are getting a little busier this time of year. Keep your eyes out for more info on Cynthia Simien's class on 'Women In Music' Dec 1st, and David Webber's 'Circuit Bending' Dec 8th!

ALLISON BOHL REEL from Allison Bohl on Vimeo.