Wednesday, September 30, 2009

But Still You Gotta Learn

So it's October. I know, I know. Lots of festivals, lots of good weather, lots of outdoors time. But hey, you gotta stay sharp! Keep learning! We've got a great month of workshops ahead. "Read More" for full descriptions.

Tues 6th 5:30-7 Tony Daigle will do Advanced Pro Tools
Wed 14th 5:30-7 Dege Legg, Herman Fuselier, and Cody Daigle will have a discussion on getting printed press

Thurs 15th 6:00-7 Yahfu will lead a workshop on Slam Poetry
Tues 20th Downtown T-Shirts’ Tom Brown
will do Silk-Screening
Tues 27th 5:30-7 Kody Chamberlain will teach Storyboarding

(image by Kody Chamberlain)

Tues, Oct. 6th, 5:30-7

Some people call him Tony, some people call him Mr. Daigle. And still, some people just call him "good." Come and hang out while Tony Daigle teaches his Advanced Pro Tools class. This class will be for those of you who already know how to use Pro Tools and are looking for some more advanced tips n tricks.

Wed, Oct 14th, 5:30-7
So you have a gig in town, your first art show is up, AND you are going on tour. Let's face it, you wanna get some press. But who do you send it to, what do you send, and when? Look no further!
Cody Daigle (The Times, The Advertiser); Dege Legg (The Independent), & Herman Fuselier (The Times, The Advertiser, OffBeat, more?) will have a discussion then Q&A on how to go about getting press.

Thurs, Oct 15th, 6-7pm
They say everyone's a poet, and this might be our time to find out. Yahfu, local Slam Poet extraordinaire, will lead a workshop on Slam Poetry--some history, how to do it, and info on our own blossoming Slam Poetry scene here in Lafayette.

Tues, Oct. 20th, time TBA
Tom Brown is going to help us all learn to customize our own shirts, bags, coozies, shoes LP covers... you name it. His Silk-Screening workshop is the first of a new series on how to make your own merch. We will learn what the basics are to make your own screens and print up large quantities of the image of your dreams. It's recommended you wear appropriate clothes as inks and chemicals may be around. Tom's been in this business for years and started out with his own little DIY operation. His shop, Downtown T-Shirts, is just 2 blocks away from the Co-Op at Lee and Vermilion.

Tues, Oct. 27th, 5:30-7
Hold the phone--Storyboarding taught by visual artist Kody Chamberlain--really? From Scorsese to Disney, storyboarding has earned a reputation as being a vital part of the filmmaking process. But what if you can't draw and your budget doesn't have room for an artist? Kody will reveal a variety of NO-COST techniques to supercharge your creativity and productivity with storyboarding. Little to no drawing skills required!
His bio is too long to list here, but, with all respect to Kody, here's the Proper Nouns to give you an idea of his scope and talent: Paramount, Landscape, Universal Pictures, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Harper Collins, BOOM! Studios, IDW Publishing, TOPPS' Indiana Jones Heritage Series, 'MySpace Artist of the Month', MacWorld, and--yes--country singer Trace Adkins. Kody is a man about Lafayette and whose studio, again, is mere blocks from the Co-Op.

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