Friday, January 30, 2009

Beginning Pro Tools Workshop & DRUMS HAVE ARRIVED

It's time for our first workshops!!

Come to the Co-Op on Tuesday Feb 3rd and 10th from 6-7pm for a beginning Pro Tools workshop led by the amazing (and Grammy winning!) Tony Daigle.

The workshops will build on each other, so plan to come to both if you can.
Those who have never recorded are welcome to come and observe the basics of Pro Tools, and those who are old hats to recording but have never used the platform are encouraged to come to build their knowledge.

And coolest of cool: we finally got our drumkit in!! A huge thanks to Scott's Drums in Lafayette who donated the kit to us, and who is working to get us cymbals as I type. Remember, the drums are only for recording use as we have neighbors (and other members) whose ears we want to respect.

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