Thursday, February 5, 2009

Final Cut Workshop

Well, we had our first workshop on Tuesday--Pro Tools with Tony Daigle who was SOOO helpful and amazing. Those who missed it, we went over the basics of setting up, what tools are where, and my favorite: keyboard shortcuts! Next week Tony will bring in some of his projects to demonstrate some of the power of Pro Tools.
That's this upcoming Tuesday, Feb the 10th from 6-7.

New on the schedule is a three part series on beginning Final Cut led by member Allison Bohl! She has lots of amazing projects under her belt, and we are excited that she has offered her time and knowledge to the rest of us.
The dates are all Thursdays: Feb. 19, Feb, 26, and March 5 from 6-7pm.

Check out some of Allison's work:

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