Thursday, March 12, 2009


Allison Bohl’s final Beginners Final Cut Pro class is tonight, Thursday March 12. She is going to go over capturing from mini dv tape to computer, editing it, and burning to DVD. The class goes from 6-7 and will begin and end PROMPTLY today. So get here before 6!

I’m still firming down the schedule for future classes, but there will be an upcoming Photoshop class and a class on the business side – rights, copyrighting, etc. Those of you who are interested in specific classes please reply and let me know as I am only scheduling classes I know there is a need for. Some topics are below for you to browse, or come up with your own.
-Photoshop (Graphic Design)
-Garageband (beg audio software)
-iMovie (beg video software)
-Beginning Recording (could be part of the Garageband class)
-Web Design
-You made an album, now what? (booking, where to sell cd’s, doing your own promo, etc.)
-Understanding rights to your music/Copyrighting
-Beg Pro Tools or Final Cut – you are missing/missed these recent classes and would like another
-Intermediate Pro Tools or Final Cut
-Other (please specify)

ALSO! In Collaboration with LA Cultural Economy Healthcare Initiative, we will offer free or very inexpensive health testing services on May 14th . More details to come, but your health is important so please plan on coming by! For those of you in need of affordable health care, you should check out their site or contact Kathy Richard because they connect cultural workers (that’s you!) with the right places to go for free or affordable health services.
It’s worth a call, she knows what’s up.
Kathy Richard: Kathy[at]culturaleconmy[dot]org or 337.233.7060

A few radio stations that play music in NJ in conjunction with the Crawfish fest there are in need of and welcome Louisiana artists to submit their CD’s for airplay. (Michael Arnone's Crawfish Fest)
Contact Rachel for their contact info)

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