Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Workshops

Jason Cohen, a really great local photographer, will come in to teach the basics of Photoshop. Learn what the basic tools are and how to use them to create images that are all your own.

We are going to try out a lab-style class for this event, so please RSVP to lafayette at tipitinas dot com. You are welcome to bring your own computer if you have Photoshop, but please let me know in your RSVP if you plan to do so.

(Jason will be using Photoshop CS4 and our computers are Photoshop CS3, they are similar enough to work between them, and you can have either on your computer.)

Wed. April 8 and April 22 from 6-7 pm


Learn about publishing and copyrighting your own music with Roger Kash. He will go through registering a song on BMI and Harry Fox, and discuss and answer questions about owning the rights to your songs.

Roger has held the position of Director of A&R (Artists and Repertoire) for a large independent label for the past 14 years. Currently he spends his mornings researching label copy (writers, publishers, publishing splits etc.) for the label's vast catalog of works in addition to registering their published works, and applying for mechanical licenses for works that they don't own the publishing for.
Roger is also a song writer and musician (a killer mandolin player!)

Thursday April 16 from 6-7pm

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