Thursday, May 7, 2009

Awesome Workshops in May!

Hi everyone-

We have some great workshops coming up in the month of May!
See the list below, and read on after the break to find out more info on what each one is.

Hope to see you soon!

Wed May 13th - Legal Aid workshop AT THE ACA- Free, Open to the public

Thurs May 14th - Health Day: Free Health Screenings through the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation - also available for non-member cultural workers (music, food, carpenter, etc.)

Fri May 15th - Panel Discussion: DIY: Releasing Your Own Records with visiting artists Calvin Johnson, Fred Thomas, and Brett Lyman. Free and Open to the Public

Tues May 19th - Working with Loops in Pro Tools

Wed May 27th - Branding 101: Learn how to market/brand yourself

Wed, May 13th - 6:30-8:30pm Intellectual property 101 LOCATION: Acadiana Center for the Arts

Featured at this presentation will be information on how to protect your work: What is a copyright? What is a trademark? What is the difference? and Why do these and other intellectual property issues matter to me? The presentation will be given by entertainment lawyer Ashlye Keaton, along with Reid Wick of the Grammy Foundation.

This workshop is intended to be one of a series of practical workshops for ALL artists, including musicians, film makers, visual artists, craftsmen, writers, etc., providing basic information you need to know about the critical business side of your endeavors.

The workshop will open with a reception at which food and drinks will be provided, along with a short music performance.

This workshop is through the Acadiana Center for the Arts, located at 101 W. Vermillion St. in Lafayette, La.

Thurs May 14th - 2-6pm Health Day: Free Health Screenings through the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation - also available for non-member cultural workers (music, food, carpenter, etc.)

Come by the Co-Op between 2 and 6 to check your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol FOR FREE! It is also a great time to meet Kathy Richard whose job it is to help cultural workers like YOU get free or affordable health care when they need it. We think this is so important we are encouraging ALL cultural workers to come by, not just members, so bring your husband or roommate and get y'all's health checked before summer tours and vacations begin-we want you healthy!

Fri May 15th - 6-7pm Panel Discussion: DYI: Releasing Your Own Records with Calvin Johnson, Fred Thomas, and Brett Lyman - Because it's a special event, THIS EVENT IS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, not just members.

Calvin Johnson, Fred Thomas,& Brett Lyman will join the Tip's Co-Op for a panel discussion on Releasing your Own Records. Wanna put out your own cassettes/7"'s/CDs/DVDs/mp3s/etc? They've done it all, and have years behind them of experience. Find out how to make them, get them to people, and most importantly to have people tell you YES YOU CAN DO IT! IT'S EASY!

Calvin Johnson started K Records in '82 by putting out his friend's music on cassettes. He has been in numerous bands and toured internationally, and managed to run his label for over 25 years now, a pretty impressive task.

Fred Thomas has been on numerous labels (Polyvinyl, K, & more) and in numerous bands (Saturday Looks Good To Me, City Center, Fred Thomas, & more) and puts out his own records in different formats alllll the time. He's also worked at a ton of record stores including Jackpot in Portland, OR and Other Music in NYC.

Brett Lyman has ALSO been in many bands (Measles, Mumps, Rubella; more!) on many labels, and currently has his own label up in Michigan called M'Lady's Records.

Tues May 19th - 6-7pm Working with Loops in Pro Tools by Tony Daigle

We all love Tony Daigle, and his intro to Pro Tools classes were amazing, so I was really excited when he offered to teach a class on working with loops in Pro Tools. Tony will bring in some samples and leave with a song. Watch, learn, ask questions from a master.

Wed May 27th - Branding 101: Learning how to market yourself by Michael Russo

An introduction on how to market yourself and build a consistent brand for both potential audiences and possible bookers, producers and record labels. Michael Russo is the Creative Director of The Russo Group and is an award-winning Art Director, Copywriter and Designer. He teaches advertising and design at UL and has worked with many artists over the years including Marc Broussard, The Blue Runners and Terrance Simien."

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