Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February means Quality AND Quantity.

February may be the shortest month, but it won't keep us from cramming more things into it!! We have three great workshops and two fundraisers this month. We really need your help financially, so please check out the opportunities to help out below.

Wed, Feb 3rd 5:30
Managing and Booking Bands with Johnny Palazzotto and Lisa Stafford
I’m not going to candy coat this: it’s hard work to book shows and it’s hard work to manage a band. But you can do it! Whether it be your own career or someone else’s, Lisa and Johnny have countless years under their belts working in the music industry and will spend the time to pass their knowledge on to you. Lisa Stafford has worked at Festival International booking the bands for as long as I can remember and manages all sorts of bands from Cedric Watson to Feufollet. Johnny Palazzotto is a forty year veteran of the regional, national and international entertainment industry, has been instrumental in making the rest of the world aware of numerous Louisiana artists, and is making the trek from Baton Rouge just to co-present this workshop!

Wed, Feb 10th 5:30 Intro Final Cut Pro with David Webber
David Webber is a teacher among teachers, and will join us this night to go over the basics of using Final Cut Pro. If you are interested in video editing and want to learn how to go more pro, or if you’re already pro looking for a refresher, join David’s journey into the wide ocean that is Final Cut Pro.

Thurs, Feb 25th 5:30 Inside Tube Amps with Joel Savoy
Beginner tube amp safety, repair and modification. We'll talk about how to safely work on your own amp and the basic principles of tube audio circuits, including reading schematics. Joel will discuss some common problems and general troubleshooting techniques as well.
Joel is a musician among musicians and turns out he’s an amp-builder among amp-builders, too. If anyone would be interested in a 3-class course on building your own 10W Class A tube amp, please email Joel Savoy at joel@valcourrecords.com. Price is $350 per person, all parts (except speaker and cabinet) supplied. Some tools required.

Feb 26th-28th – Support your Co-Op through Barnes & Noble purchases!
We will have some Co-Op members doing an in-store, & meanwhile if you buy some books and tell your cashier you want to support the Tipitina’s Co-Op, a portion of your purchases will go towards the Co-Op all weekend!

Feb 27th – Bonsoir Catin & Art Opening at Café Des Amis Co-Op fundraiser!!
We will be Café Des Amis’ non-profit of choice during their next Art Opening by the sisters Norma Thompson & Gerta Kilchrist! Spend your evening with their irresistible food and the sweet sounds of Bonsoir Catin, and leave some money behind to support what we are doing here at the Co-Op! If you’ve eaten there before, you know I’m serious when I say I’m already hungry.

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