Thursday, February 18, 2010

March Survey: Mandatory!

Dear Co-Op Member:

As in the past, your Music Office Co-Op will be conducting an Economic Impact Study during the month of March 2010.

This Economic Impact Study is your Co-Op's most effective marketing and fundraising tool. Because of the Study your Co-Op has been able to grow into a statewide network of offices, and secure State funding. To see the most recent Study, follow this link:

Your Music Office Co-Op is a workforce development program, so the Study asks some very specific, and personal, questions about earnings and revenue sources. We collect this information in a private, closed-door interview that takes five minutes or less. For accuracy, and your ease of use, the Co-Op manager will explain the questions and enter your answers directly into an online database; no paper copies are created. Co-Op managers are under strict non-disclosure orders; they may not reveal any part of your information to anyone, including me. The survey is designed so there is no way to identify you; no names, no addresses, and no other identifying information is collected.

Unlike previous years, participation in the study is now mandatory for Co-Op membership. If you use the Co-Op in March, you must participate in the survey. It's that important.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions as accurately as possible:
- What was your total annual income, from all sources, during 2009 and 2008?
- What was your income from music/media activities during 2009 and 2008?
- How many gigs did you do during 2009 and 2008?
- What were your average earnings per gig?
- What are the sources, and rough percentages, of your music/media income streams (gigs, teaching, CD sales, tech work, etc.)?

To ensure accuracy, please look over - or bring along - your last two federal income tax returns, your calendar or schedule for '08 and '09, Quicken/QuickBooks, ledger, bank statements, or other applicable music/media business financial records. If such materials are unavailable, please try to recollect and reconstruct as accurately as possible. We ask that you be ready to do the survey upon your first Co-Op usage in the month of March.

Feel free to consult with your Co-Op manager, or call/email me directly, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Study. Thank you in advance for your participation in the Economic Impact Study, and in your Music Office Co-Op. With your help we can continue to serve Louisiana artists, and help you make more money.

Best regards,
Todd Souvignier
Co-Op Director
Tipitina's Foundation, Inc.
4040 Tulane Avenue #6000, New Orleans LA 70119
(504) 669-4406

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